April 12, 2014

Brookville Restaurant

The Most Locally Sourced Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA

All Plates 90-99% Sourced Within 100 Miles


LFH Slow Cooked Egg (v)

ABC Soldiers $4

LFH Scrambled Eggs (v)

Grilled Toast $6

Caromont Red Row Grilled Cheese (v) $6

Edward’s Country Ham & Gouda Fritters $8

Edwards Smoked Surry Sausages (g)

Mustard Sauce & Maple Syrup $9



Steadfast Farm Garbanzo Bean Salad (gv)

Mint, Onion & Mustard Vinaigrette $11

Housemade LFH Egg Quiche

TRB Bacon, Onion & Monastery Gouda $10

Roasted TCO Pork Loin Salad (g)

Frisee, Mustard Vinaigrette, Shad Roe Botarga Dressing & Smoked Piedmont $12

Shaved TCO Tri-Tip Salad (g)

Arugula & Peanut Pesto, Grilled & Chilled Onion & Fried Garbanzo Beans $12

TRB Tasso & Woodson’s Mill Grits

Slow Cooked Egg, Maple Syrup, Chive & Smoked Piedmont $12

Local Cheese Plate (v)

Caromont Red Row and Plank Road Round, Simply Cheddar Cheese Ball, Everona Smoked Piedmont, Jam & Toast $15


(Served with Garden Greens)

Grilled TRB Barn Dog

ABC Bun, Housemade Sauerkraut, Yellow Mustard & Crispy Onion $11

Roasted TCO Pork

Ciabatta, Dukes Mayo, Apple Puree, Caromont Red Row, Crispy Onion & Frisee $14

Roasted TCO Tri-Tip

Ciabatta, Horseradish* Cream, Grilled & Chilled Onion, Red Row & Dukes Mayo $14

The Brookville Burger

House Ground ¾ lb Patty, Bacon Marmalade, Fried Egg, Caromont Red Row & Dukes Mayo $22


LFH Napa Cabbage Ragout (gv)

Shiitakes, Onion, Grits, Slow Cooked Egg & Smoked Piedmont $18

Housemade Fettuccini

Organic Butcher Lamb Ragu, Chive & Smoked Piedmont $18

Slow Roasted TCO Pork Belly

Apple Puree, Crispy Onion, Pork Jus & Frisee $25

Organic Butcher Chicken ‘n Waffle

House Seasoned Fried Chicken, Bacon Waffle, Fried Egg, Frisee, Kim Kim Hot Sauce & Maple Syrup $25




3 Course Chef’s Choice Tasting Menu $36

5 Course Chef’s Choice Tasting Menu $60

(Vegetarian tasting menus available upon request)

Beer for Chef $3 per Chef

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Brookville Restaurant
225 W Main St.
(2nd Floor)
Charlottesville Va 22902

Tues-Sat 11:30-2:30
Tu-Th 5:00-9:00
Fri-Sat 5:00-10:00
Sunday 11:00-2:00

Brookville Restaurant Reservations
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