About Us

Brookville Restaurant is a family dining place located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was established by Penn Brookes and Harold Michigan back in the early 90’s. Since then, it has already acquired hundreds and thousands of loyal customers not only in Milwaukee itself but also in the nearby cities. In fact, it has become one of the most sought-after dining places by tourists and travelers whenever they have a chance to drop by the area. This is the reason why Brookville Restaurant was encouraged to expand to accommodate their growing number of patrons.  


One thing that is very much popular about this place is the recipe they have for every dishes. They incorporate spices that bring forth a whole new taste to what was just a normal American favorite.  


At present, Brookville Restaurant was already being managed by the sisters Lucila and Brigida. They still continue to apply their expertise in making the restaurant be better than ever. In fact, just in the recent years, they have even considered renovating the look of the restaurant to make it homier to their clients. Aside from this, they are also the one who thought of making the live performances a regular thing. This is what regular customers have been looking forward to at the end of their long week.  


When it comes to the food, the sisters continued expanding their menu. They now incorporate in it Asian dishes which is personally handled by Lucila herself who mastered the art of Asian cuisine when she was in college. Through the effort of the sisters in constantly overlooking this restaurant, their name was now recognized in many places around the country.  


Every once in a while, during special family occasions, Brookville Restaurant also gives away free treats including unlimited drinks and dessert to customers who come to their shop. These family just never ceases in sharing their blessings to the people around them. These are events you should look forward to as a regular.