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One of the expertise of the Brookville Restaurant is giving our customers unparalleled service as they come and enjoy our home-cooked meals. Did you have a recent bad experience in the service we rendered? Then call our attention today. You can send us your feedback at We guarantee you that we’ll immediately send you a message back to address your concerns.  


Do you have questions you want to ask? How about classifications in our products and services? You can also send us an email at so we can address it immediately.’ 


Brookville restaurant is now accepting applications for on-the-job-training. If you are interested, you can simply send us your applications. If you made the cut, one of our representatives will get in touch with you to invite you over. We offer free meals for those who will pass our tests and free board and lodging as well. Just include in your application a letter of intent and you are good to go. We’d love to work with you!