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Brookville Restaurant is one of the best restaurants I’ve been in Milwaukee. The place is very clean and the staff is very polite. They are very attentive to your needs too that even before you can ask, they are there to deliver. Plus, the food is so great. It is like no other especially their steak. I’ve been coming back to this restaurant whenever I am in Milwaukee and so far, even after the change in management, nothing much has changed.  




This restaurant has been serving delicious dishes since when I was younger. My family comes to this place every Sunday as a family tradition back then. Now, since we are not anymore as together, the time we spent here was lessened but we will always remember this restaurant as a part of our youth. Just last year, I had the chance to visit. I was happy to know that this restaurant is still in operation. I get to taste my favorite burger steak and wow! They made it better than ever. You won’t regret your time spent here. 




Being a businesswoman, I don’t really have the time to leisurely explore all possible restaurants. I usually just settle on what is convenient and accessible within my place of work. Because of this, my usual composed of those easy to-go meals that can be bought from the common fast food chains. As a consequence, I gained so much in a few weeks. No matter how I try to trim down, because of the food I eat, I cannot lose weight at all. Good thing my friend recommended this place. Since then, I’ve been on track into getting the proper nourishment and the right diet I need.