Tips and Tricks for Garage Door Repair

A broken or malfunctioned garage door is a threat to the security of your house. It is always an invitation sign for the robbers to come in and steal your belongings with ease. You will not have to compromise the safety and security of family and property. It is also essential to maintain the garage door to keep it functioning properly to ensure that the safety of your house is never compromised. Keeping the garage door in its good working position might sound hard but it is actually a simple task using the services of trustworthy Dayton Garage Door Pros near you.

 Garage Doors

Common garage door problems and their solutions:

Here are common issues that you might encounter during the garage door repair project. There are also simple solutions that will aid you in the troubleshooting process.

  • Problem: Garage door opens on its own without warning

The common cause of garage door that opens on their own is a set of springs that are too tight. It is good to ensure that springs are adjusted and tensed correctly according to the size and type of garage door. To fix the issue, don’t install the springs that are too big and strong for your garage door.

  • Problem: Garage door falls immediately when it is released

If there is no issue with the functions of the garage door, it should remain at the marked position when it is released. If it falls suddenly, it is normally because of loose or broken springs. You should check the physical condition of the springs before doing anything on your garage door. If the springs are worn out, you should replace them with newer and better ones.

Garage Doors
  • Problem: Garage door gets stuck while going up and down

Poor lubrication is the normal cause behind the stuck movements of the garage door. As a part of routine garage door maintenance activities, it is always good to apply lubricant on the rollers and hinges at least twice a year. It ensures that the garage door lifts smoothly. It will also avoid unnecessary and unwanted sounds during the opening and closing process.

  • Problem: Garage door won’t open and close:

In case, the garage door is not opening and closing properly, a malfunctioning garage door opener is to blame. It is always good to check the batteries of the remote and the electric connection of the opener before doing anything on the garage door. You need to reprogram the opener to make it functional. If the garage door opener is damaged badly, it might have to be replaced with new ones.

There are a lot of reasons why a garage door become malfunctions or worn out. In order to avoid some problems, it would be best to regularly inspect the garage door, apply consistent maintenance services, and take care of the garage door repair activities if the need arises. If the situations get too complicated, you should always opt to call a professional garage door company that can manage your garage door at an affordable and effective cost.