Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Suggestions

Sometimes garage door will break down which needs to be replaced to secure your house. Some problems can be fixed easily using DIY techniques and handy tools.

You just need to inspect the garage door thoroughly to diagnose what is going wrong. If you are not confident enough, consult a professional garage door expert like Jacksonville Garage Door Repair to make sure that the garage door is working smoothly. There are few important points that should be examined first:

  • Make sure that garage door tracks are in a good working position
  • No dents or bumps on the tracks
  • The mounting brackets that hold the tracks to the walls or ceiling are not loose
  • Garage door rollers are in a good position and not rusted or broken
  • Garage door springs are not broken
  • Garage door cables that lift or lower the garage door are in good working shape and not cracked
  • Hinges are a good working position and do not get cracked.
  • The garage door opener is plugged correctly and the batteries of the remote have enough power

If your garage door has any of the problems mentioned above, it should be fixed as fast as possible. If you have enough mechanical skills, the right tools, and knowledge about garage doors that would be important in fixing problems, you would be able to fix them on your own with great caution. Garage door torsion springs are under extreme pressure which makes them dangerous to handle. If you are not sure what is going on and what to do to fix them, it would be best to call a professional garage door technician who will fix these issues expertly and ensure that your garage door will be good working position.  

It is also important that some malfunctioning components can add excess pressure on the panels which could cause warping. It is very common in old and wooden garage doors because they need special maintenance services to be followed in order to keep them in a good working position. These services will prevent you from replacing the hinges that hold the panels in place. Wooden garage doors are hard to maintain as compare to steel garage doors. 

If your garage door starts to show signs of rusting or rotting or it just has slight cracks on the panels, it would be suggested to replace the damaged garage door panel. In the worst situation, you need to replace the whole garage door for your safety and to get the best possible functionality of the garage door.

Even if your garage door is working correctly, you would still have to perform some garage door maintenance services few times each year. These services include cleaning the tracks to remove dust, grease, and other substances. You should also lubricate all the moving components including cables, springs, hinges, rollers, tracks, and side ball bearings to allow the garage door to run smoothly. Loose screws, bolts, and nuts should be tightened to save your garage door from any potential danger.