Safety Measurements on Installing a Garage Door Spring

Overhead garage door with broken torsion springs is caused several injuries. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, There are 30,000 injuries cases are reported each year.

Normal injuries could be amputations, fractures, and even breaking legs that could lead to more dangerous situations like death. The most dangerous component of the garage door is the “torsion spring”. It means if you either choose to conduct it on your own or hire an experienced expert to handle it professionally, certain safety precautions should be followed when it comes to extension garage door spring conversion or broken torsion garage door spring replacement.  

Old versus new garage door springs: Nowadays springs are created with a core rod inside the spring coil. Older version of springs is considered as a most dangerous device in the event of installation failure because they are considered to throw off the broken metal shrapnel around the garage. Flying pieces of broken springs can damage your car and hurt someone around it. The core rod installed in a modern version of springs will retain the chunks of metal in case of installation failure or malfunction. Definitely, you will choose the new version. Consult a reliable retailer or local hardware store to determine the difference between them.

Extension or torsion springs: The torsion springs are a modern operating system that may be installed on the garage door. These springs are wound up around a metal rod placed on the header of the garage door. What do you need to examine? Maximum stress is imposed on the mechanism when the overhead garage door goes down. In such circumstances, if the garage door spring broke and you are trying to operate the garage door manually, you should remember a couple of points:

  • Don’t try to stop it from going down
  • Let it go and quickly jump away from that place
  • Make sure that nobody is near the malfunctioning garage door.

If you have installed dual springs with the garage door and one of them breaks, both of them should be replaced at the same time. It is important because having old springs with another new spring will only increase the safety risks around your garage. Extension springs are a relatively older version of the operating system.

Once they were developed, they were the only useful feature installed in a garage door. They are responsible to balance the unimaginable weight of the garage doors during the opening and closing process. Anyone who has installed this system could understand how risky it was. It is the main reason they are no longer manufactured. Safety inspectors recommend a garage door extension springs conversion where this operating system is still in use. A quick solution is to install the safety garage door cables.

The safety garage door cables: The system is consists of light materials similar to the garage door cables. In the event of garage door spring damages, the chunks will still go ballistic around the certain tracks where you had installed the safety cables. You can install these cables on your own after checking and measuring what material you need to install this system.